Vegeco Workshop

November 2017

SwimmyDesignLab not only carried out the art direction, but also planned and organized a workshop as part of the activities for the brand Vegeco. “Vegeco” is an apparel brand created in collaboration with the textile manufacturer TOYOSHIMA, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)’s Nogyo Joshi Project (which literally means female farmers project). The workshop was held for children and they enjoyed making a tote bag of their own design using stamps made of vegetables.

  • Art Direction
  • Event Organization

“‘Vegeco’ is a clothing brand launched in collaboration with TOYOSHIMA, a textile manufacturer, and the MAFF in connection with their Nogyo Joshi Project. Activities under the Vegeco brand have been in conformity with SDGs from the early stages. For example, we produced T-shirts dyed using deformed vegetables and sold through crowdfunding. This workshop was held at ‘Japan Harvest 2017’, an event related to food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries. SwimmyDesignLab planned and organized the workshop, and I myself spoke as a lecturer. Meanwhile, in order to make stamps from deformed vegetables for children to decorate tote bags colored with dye made from vegetable waste, we had to cut huge quantities of vegetables in the office prior to the event. We quite often do this kind of low-profile work behind the scenes.”