Surprise and delight everyone from babies to grannies!
Bring big joy to the world through the continuous creation of new culture
  • Love the objects and scenes that surround us
  • Take as deep a dive as possible on those objects and scenes
  • Treasure our own backgrounds
To design is to give shape to your feelings.

SwimmyDesignLab produces designs with love and care for the subject, no matter how small that subject is.
Even if only a small number of people understand at first, our strong feelings can give birth to a new culture.
And even if the impact begins small, ripples of culture will multiply on each other and eventually cascade into a large wave of new culture.
This cultural wave will reach people, amaze them, and bring delight to the world – that is what we strongly believe.

What is SwimmyDesignLab?

SwimmyDesignLab is a creative team working together in line with our shared philosophies to design and produce artwork based off of our CEO Taku Yoshimizu’s casual art.

Taku Yoshimizu

Our Business

Designing is Branding

SwimmyDesignLab believes that all designing is branding, in the sense that the ultimate goal of design is to bring out the full potential of the subject of design. We achieve that by combining our unique strengths and producing various solutions.

4 value

Our strengths and value are demonstrated especially in the following four creative aspects.


We perform thorough research and listen intently to our clients in order to analyze their issues and problems. We then draw up and develop a strategy that is effective as well as feasible to achieve the set goals.


We promptly carry out the strategy with our unique ideas. We act as a director who creates concepts and various content, thereby providing the optimal solutions to fulfill the goal.


SwimmyDesignLab has established cooperative relationships with a large number of reliable partners through our new style of business. This allows us to take on any kind of project by casting skillful and talented specialists ideally suited to the task at hand.


SwimmyDesignLab creates visual content that bridges art and commerce. Our designs make use of the characteristics of the materials as well as the types of media, such as digital and print media, physical products as well as space.

12 Solutions

SwimmyDesignLab offers 12 types of solutions produced by flexibly combining our four key strengths described on the left.


CI Design, Key Visual Design, Spatial Design Direction, Web Direction, Product Design Direction, Store Design Direction, Print Media Design Direction


Planning, Strategy Design, Concept Design, Research, Marketing

Art Direction

CI Design, Key Visual Design, Spatial Design Direction, Web Direction, Product Design Direction, Store Design Direction, Print Media Design Direction

Graphic Design

Logo Design, Typography, Sign Design, Editorial Design, Package Design, Poster Design, SP Material Design

Information Design

Web Design, Web-based System Development, UI/UX Design, Application Development

Photo/Video Shooting and Arrangement

Still Photography Shooting and Retouching/Touch-up, Video Shooting and Editing, Shooting Location Arrangement, Application Development, Video Direction, Casting, Arrangement of Models, Fashion Stylists, Hair Stylists and Make-up Artists


Web Structuring, Flatplanning, Writing, Copywriting, Researching, Interviewing, Translation

Illustration・Animation Design

Art Creation, Illustration, Animation Design, Storyboard Design, Scenario Design


Media Planning, Campaign Planning, Promotion Event Planning, Social Media Planning

Event Organization

Event Planning and Management, Organization of Workshops, Organization of Live Events, Arrangement of Pop-up Stores

License Management

License Management, Redesign of Copyrighted Works, Original Copyrights Management, Copyrights Management of Collaboration Works

Merchandise Production

Apparel Design and Manufacture, General Merchandise Design and Manufacture, Sofvi (PVC Figure) Design and Manufacture