Hashimoto Kids Space

November 2016

SwimmyDesignLab organized the art direction of the kids’ floor in “Ario Hashimoto” in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa. We designed all the walls, floors and ceilings with grid art featuring characters and objects typically seen in old video games, with the goal of facilitating communication between parents and children.


“We designed the whole 6,611 ㎡second floor of the shopping mall Ario Hashimoto. The floor consists of shops for children and therefore its main target demographic is families. Their parents are probably around our age, familiar with old video games such as those for the Nintendo Entertainment System. We thought that children would also like the worlds of those old games which were so popular at that time. We also thought it would be nice if we could promote communication between parents and their children by providing a space where they can instantly become immersed in and enjoy the world of video games. We designed all the floors, walls and ceilings using grids, and even adjusted the sizes of sofas to be compatible with the grids used. In addition, we provided some gimmicks here and there using pixel art pictures; for example, beside real lockers, we painted a dwarf pushing the lockers, with the aim of facilitating conversation between parents and children shopping in the mall.”