January 2019 ~ July 2019

“Yokohama HOZONHOZON” was a mural created by artist Taku Yoshimizu. He produced this piece with the idea of preserving (hozon in Japanese) people, objects and concepts that represent Yokohama in cans to pass down to future generations. This was part of a project utilizing the temporary construction fence at the west exit of Yokohama Station. “Yokohama HOZONHOZON” was so popular that the exhibition period was extended.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Illustration・Animation Design

“I have created ’Yokohama HOZONHOZON’ as the 13th piece of art exhibited in the series of the ‘have a Yokohama’ project. The aim of the project was to utilize the temporary construction fence at the west exit of Yokohama Station as a medium to experience Yokohama. ‘Yokohama HOZONHOZON’ was a mural consisting of paintings of 99 cans featuring a selection of people, objects and concepts that I believe represent Yokohama. I was born and raised in Yokohama, and I really love my hometown. I chose 99 Yokohama icons, such as the Bay Bridge, BayStars, Kiyoken, Keikyu, and Crazy Ken Band in the hopes that the locals will rediscover the beauty and wonderful culture of Yokohama. I would be especially happy if children and young people get to know their hometown better and become inspired to think about what Yokohama means to themselves. Thankfully, ‘Yokohama HOZONHOZON’ was received very well and the original 3-month exhibition period was extended to 7 months in the end. This art piece has been embodied into real packages of cans and displayed on the 5th floor of NEWoMan YOKOHAMA. I would be grateful if you would drop by if you are in the area.”