NuRIE Live Painthing Event

August 2014 ~

We have held some events in order to demonstrate the “NuRIE” brand concept, i.e., communication in the form of huge coloring sheets. SwimmyDesignLab has planned and managed events in places such as Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, MoMA Design Store in Harajuku, Isetan Singapore, where thankfully many people have enjoyed coloring together.

  • Art Direction
  • Event Organization
  • Illustration・Animation Design

“While considering how to promote NuRIE products and make use of their features as a communication tool, we realized that holding events for consumers to paint NuRIE coloring paper together would bring a lot of people together to have fun doing the same thing as a group, which matched the concept of the brand. Plus, an event that attracts people and creates lively vibes is well suited to a commercial facility. Starting with the MoMA Design Store in Omotesando, Tokyo, we then held events in Yokohama, Aomori, as well as Kuala Lumpur in Singapore. To our delight, many people joined the events. The drawings used were one-off pieces drawn without advance preparation, and I always try to incorporate things and objects unique to the area into my drawings. I do this in hopes that they will rediscover the beauty and charm of where they live. I start drawing on the previous day of each event, so it may be one of the hardest jobs as it takes much effort. However, we normally do not have a chance to meet our end users face to face, and thus it is so precious for us to be able to directly hear their views about our work. We are really grateful for that.”