April 2007 ~

We worked on the branding of “narifuri” cycling apparel over a period of 10 years since its foundation in 2007 through 2016. With the exception of their cycling wear, we managed art direction for the brand in all other aspects, including the design of digital web products, print media such as catalogs, and other sales promotion tools, all of which succeeded in establishing a solid brand image.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Event Organization
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration・Animation Design
  • Information Design
  • Photo/Video Shooting and Arrangement
  • Promotion・PR
  • Structuring・Editing

“The founder of ‘narifuri’ is my classmate from the school in the U.S. where I studied art. That connection led to us managing the branding of ‘narifuri’ together from the brand’s conception. Naturally, it is my friend’s role to design the brand’s products, and we designed almost all of the other materials of every type of media, including digital websites, written brochures and physical promotion tools. However, we were only in our mid-20’s at that time and did not have much experience yet. It was our first time doing branding, and therefore it was like groping in the dark. We had a lot of discussions and beat our brains to find our way. It was through this experience that I learned the basics of branding, such as market analysis, targeting, media and material selection, filming direction and also putting designs into products. To my delight, “narifuri” gained people’s recognition as a cycling apparel brand very quickly. I believe that we also grew professionaly along with the development of the brand.”