Yao Restaurant Street

April 2019

“Ario Yao” is a shopping mall in Yao City, Osaka, and the design of the restaurant floor is another example of our art direction. The mall is situated near Jinaimachi, Kyuhoji, which used to be the economic center of Yao and its streetscape still looks similar to how it used to. We designed the restaurant floor with the patterns of icons of Jinaimachi to provide a space where the local people can feel comfortable and at home.

  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design

“In the spatial design of ‘Yao Restaurant Street’ in the shopping mall ‘Ario Yao’, we have taken the same approach as the one we took for ‘At Family Kurashiki’ (see pages 10 and 11). More specifically, we have incorporated unique characteristics of the area into the design of the space in the local shopping mall. We have utilized the area’s unique features in hopes that the local people will rediscover the value of their town and feel more attached to it. The shopping mall is situated near Jinaimachi, Kyuhoji, which used to be the economic center of the city of Yao back in the Sengoku and Edo periods. The streetscape of the area is still reminiscent of how it used to, and therefore we have decided to design the restaurant floor with images of that scenery. In order to reproduce the traditional vibe of the streetscape in the space as well as to make it fun for families with children, we have created the images in an untraditional Japanese style. After this spatial design project, we also engaged in some events at the mall related to Jinaimachi, such as a walking tour from the mall to Jinaimachi and a public talk session with the mayor. We are very pleased to see the town has drawn people’s attention due to the design project.”